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S8UL Esports Dominates Esports Awards 2023: A Double Triumph and a Vision for the Future!

The Esports Awards 2023, held in the vibrant city of Las Vegas on November 30th, unfolded as a grand celebration, applauding the outstanding achievements within the esports and gaming industry over the past year. Among the standout moments, S8UL Esports emerged as the shining star, securing the coveted Content Creator of the Year award for the second consecutive year, bringing glory to the nation.

In an exclusive chat with IGN India, the founders of S8UL Esports expressed their elation and gratitude for the remarkable achievement. 8bit Goldy, reflecting on the win, stated, “Winning the content group of the year award last year was an incredible milestone for us, and to follow it up with another one this year is beyond words to express our gratitude. This achievement is a testament to our dedication, the hard work of our creators, and the endless support from our fans. S8UL has changed the way gaming and content are perceived in India. We are not just creating content, but we are shaping the future of Indian esports and gaming creators' economy on a global scale.”

Adding to the jubilation, 8bit Thug remarked, “Winning in this difficult category twice, against some of the biggest names in the industry is a surreal feeling. These milestones let us know that we are on the right path with our vision and also give all of us something to celebrate at a time when the industry is undergoing significant transformations. The victory rounds off yet another historic year for the community. Thank you to the incredible team, our fans, and everyone who believed in us! We are ready for even greater things in 2024! Onwards & Upwards, as always.”

Soul Mortal, expressing pride in the organization's accomplishment, noted, “Being the only Indian organization to win not once but twice at the esports awards is a moment of pride not just for us but for the entire Indian Esports fraternity. This award recognizes the incredible work of our talented creators, team players, and the incredible support from our fans who have been religiously watching our content for the past few years. It gives us immense pride to witness S8UL’s innovative and exceptional content redefining the gaming content landscape of the country and propelling its growth. We are motivated to continue defying expectations and revolutionizing the gaming landscape globally.”

As S8UL Esports basks in the glory of their double triumph, the entire Indian gaming community eagerly anticipates the ground-breaking strides the organization will make in the dynamic landscape of esports and content creation in the coming year.



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