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About Us

MOGO will organize and facilitate competitive events in India & from six South Asian
countries and promote their participation in global events, such as the CEX championships.
In addition, we develop esport-themed championship and event trademarked merchandise
in conjunction with SII’s university-trademarked merchandise. This merchandise includes t-
shirts, hoodies, baseball caps, notebooks, backpacks, and other popular campus items.

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Mission Statement

To be the first mobile gaming company in India and South Asia for inspiring university/collegiate esports, by providing student athletes one of the biggest esports platforms.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be India’s biggest student centric mobile gaming firm, where university esports get recognized and discover ways to contribute to the fastest growing industry in the world of sports. We intend to provide a unique podium to university/collegiate students for taking up esports as a profession.

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MOGO has been formed to develop, organize, conduct, and monetize esports world-wide, starting with India and South Asia. Our goal is to create inter-university and open esports events in South Asia, based on the cell phone technology that is currently available, and as enhanced in the future with the development and expansion of 5G wireless.

We aim to commercialize the university esports by merchandising, filming, social media marketing and other monetization channels.


Our strategy is to differentiate our Company as the go-to venue for university esports enthusiasts, create exciting events for a large audience with state-of-the-art video coverage, offer interactive options for both players and fans and create revenue from sponsorships, advertising, participation fees and merchandise sales.

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