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Ghatak Cyber Harassment

Ghatak recently took to Twitter to express his concerns about an individual named Trishit Banerjee engaging in unethical activities targeting his WhatsApp account. He has tagged the Mumbai Police, Navi Mumbai Police, and the Cyber Crime Unit of Maharashtra, urging them to investigate the matter.

In his tweet, Ghatak stated, "Over the past month, he has continuously attempted to ban my account," and he provided additional details through Instagram stories on Banerjee's account (@trishitbanergeee). Ghatak attached necessary proofs and urgently requested attention to the matter, urging appropriate actions against the suspect to secure the digital communications.

This incident highlights a growing trend of online bullying and harassment within the gaming community. Influencers like Scout, Goldy, Thug, Mortal from s8ul, and Jonathan from Godlike Esports have also faced such issues. Some cases have resulted in police reports and legal actions, leading to arrests or warnings for the perpetrators.

The escalating issue is often fueled by fan rivalry, especially between fan favorites like Team Soul and Godlike Esports. While fans have the right to support their favorite teams, it is essential to avoid spreading hate towards other teams. The influencers find themselves entangled in legal matters when fan conflicts escalate beyond reasonable limits.



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