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Krafton issues warning to teams

krafton has issued a warning to teams participating in BMPS, advising them against engaging in any third-party tournaments or scrims until the conclusion of the tournament. They have explicitly stated that teams found violating this directive will face penalties in the form of point deductions.

Traditionally, many teams utilize third-party tournaments and scrims as part of their practice routine during tournaments to enhance their performance in the main matches. However, Krafton has sent a clear message to all teams, stressing that they are strictly prohibited from participating in any tournaments or scrims during the BMPS event. Teams found in breach of this rule will face point deductions, a penalty applied to maintain fair play throughout the tournament.

The directive extends to cover all tournaments and scrims conducted before and after BMPS matches on designated match days. BMPS is scheduled to continue until December 17th, with the grand finals set to take place at Eka Arena in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The arena is an open stadium with a capacity of approximately 15,000 spectators. Matches are expected to be held in the evening, accompanied by potential music performances before each day's matches.



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