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BGMI 2.9 update (Coming Soon)

Battlegrounds Mobile India is expected to receive its 2.9 update, marking the fourth update since the game's relaunch in May. Following the introduction of previous updates such as the Dragon Ball mode and Zombie Edge mode, the 2.9 update is anticipated to feature the Frozen Kingdom mode. Let's delve into the anticipated features of this upcoming update.

Several YouTubers have shared insights, suggesting that the 2.9 update will reintroduce the winter mode, now known as the Frozen Kingdom. This mode promises a snowy village, vehicles, guns, and more. The Erangel map will be transformed with a snowy landscape, featuring a village near Stalber that contains lucrative loot and is expected to be a hotdrop location once the update is rolled out. To navigate the Frozen Kingdom mode, players can utilize snowrails to travel between different locations. Moreover, the snow village concept will also be extended to Livik and Vikendi maps.

The update will bring a unique Snowball Blaster, a weapon that, when shot at an enemy, freezes them, temporarily turning them into a snowman. This effect facilitates easier elimination of opponents, and when shot at the ground, it can be used to create cover. Additionally, the update introduces a Reindeer vehicle, a Snow Board serving as a vehicle for shorter distances, Lucky Ice offering exclusive rewards, and Snow Toddlers among other features.

A new element called the Snow Blast Zone, similar to the red zone, will now drop random snowballs instead of bombs. Being hit by these snowballs will transform players into snowmen. While an official release date has not been announced, the update is expected to roll out in December, as it has already been implemented in PUBG Mobile and is anticipated to be released in BGMI soon.

It is crucial to note that PUBG Mobile has been banned by the government of India, and we do not encourage users to play or consume PUBG Mobile content. Are you looking forward to this exciting update?



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