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List of Registered Teams

Submission Time
Team Name
Captain First Name
Captain Last Name
Captain Email
Captain Location
Captain Contact
Captain WhatsApp No
Captain Course Year
Captain Course
Captain Roll No
Captain In Game Name
Player 1 First Name
Player 1 Last Name
Player 1 Email
Player 1 Location
Player 1 Contact
Player 1 WhatsApp No
Player 1 Course Year
Player 1 Course
Player 1 Roll No
Player 1 In Game Name
Player 2 First Name
Player 2 Last Name
Player 2 Email
Player 2 Location
Player 2 Contact
Player 2 WhatsApp No
Player 2 Course Year
Player 2 Course
Player 2 Roll No
Player 2 In Game Name
Player 3 First Name
Player 3 Last Name
Player 3 Email
Player 3 Location
Player 3 Contact
Player 3 WhatsApp No
Player 3 Course Year
Player 3 Course
Player 3 Roll No
Player 3 In Game Name
Player 4 First Name
Player 4 Last Name
Player 4 Email
Player 4 Location
Player 4 Contact
Player 4 WhatsApp No
Player 4 Course Year
Player 4 Course
Player 4 Roll No
Player 4 In Game Name
Substitute First Name
Substitute Last Name
Substitute Email
Substitute Location
Substitute Contact
Substitute WhatsApp No
Substitute Course
Substitute Course Year
Substitute Roll No
Substitute In Game Name
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