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Western Battleground set on fire !

A lip-smacking Chicken Dinner for team Yashwant Rao Open University as they crowned

themselves as champions in the west. We were part of something special in the west as the

western division teams went head to head against each other in a thrilling encounter.

With a Prize pool of Rs.50,000 to claim, all teams made sure that they left no stone unturned

to go out there and prove to be the best in the business. Around 23 teams from various

districts participated in the qualifier rounds. The top 15 teams with the maximum amount of

points in a best of three rounds then advanced to the finals of the tournament. The finals

were played between the 15 teams in a best of 3 maps to pick out one Elite BGMI Champion.

Teams standing in 2nd/3rd & 4th place also won cash prizes. Solapur University and Yashwant

Rao Open University had equal points at the end of the 3 rounds in the finals, however, the

winner was decided on the max kill point which led Yashwant Rao Open University to be

crowned as champions. Solapur University sealed the 2nd position while Mumbai JC3 and KES

Shroff college secured the 3rd and 4th place respectively. High voltage action unfolded over

two days with teams striving to outdo one another on the battlegrounds. Some teams played

it safe while the other teams tracked their opponent down and beat and gained maximum

kills. The BGMI fever was prominent in the west as universities made sure they sent at least

one team to represent their contingent. Winning teams and universities get to compete at

the National level which will unfold soon! Stay tuned to more divisional tournaments and

updates on these tournaments, until then Keep Gaming!


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