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Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Godlike Esports; Jelly, featured in a podcast titled; "Where's My Tea" by Rooter, delved into his journey as an esports athlete. Gunjan Thakur, also known as justjelly or Jelly, is widely recognized as a prominent esports athlete and stands as one of the best In-Game Leaders (IGL) in the country. From his humble beginnings as an underdog with dreams, Jelly has ascended to become a key player in one of India's most prominent esports organizations, Godlike Esports, impressing fans with his team's outstanding performance.

Hailing from Himachal Pradesh, Jelly has been part of various teams, including Dark Tangent, Stalwart Esports, and OR Esports in the past. Reflecting on his journey as an athlete, he revealed, "The day I left Stalwart Esports, I was about to quit esports. On that very day, I received an offer from Orange Rock Esports. As an underdog, the team and manager motivated me to perform well, having high hopes for me. We finished at the 5th position in the next event, and that's when I decided to choose esports as my career."

When asked about his parent's reaction to seeing him on television, Jelly shared, "Everyone in our society would come to our home, sit in front of the TV, along with my parents, and watch me play. I personally feel there is no bigger achievement than bringing a smile to your parent's faces." Regarding balancing studies and esports, Jelly explained, "I used to finish my exams early and quickly, rush home to not miss a single match. It later became a habit for me. I once had my semesters and BGMS S2 qualifiers on the same day, so I skipped my exams, and we played well, qualifying for the finals."

Godlike Esports faced challenges in qualifying for the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2023. Despite initial setbacks, the team participated in Skyesports Championship 5.0 and Upthrust Esports Diwali Battle, securing the sixth and eighth positions, respectively. Rumors circulated about Jelly joining Godlike Esports, and when the official announcement was made, fans erupted with excitement. The team performed admirably in Red Bull MEO S6 Day 2, finishing in the third position. Jelly took to his Instagram story to share drop locations and reassured fans not to stress, promising to address mistakes made during the competition. What are your thoughts? Do you believe Jelly is a valuable addition to Godlike Esports?



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