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Valorants on the hunt in the Southern Hemisphere

The last divisional tournament for Valorant was played in the Southern Division between 26th-28th Nov’21. The most awaited post-Diwali tournament lived up to its standard that the Southern Division usually brings to the table. Universities sent in teams in large numbers to stand a chance to compete on one of the best platforms for esports tournaments in the country.

The tournament format included a knockout stage followed by quarterfinals, semi-finals and the finals of the tournament. The USP for the Southern Division has been the competitiveness of its players at the highest level. This tournament witnessed matches that went right down to the wire. Every team had something special in their kitty which made them come back to earn points in each round. The margin of victory in many games was two-three points only. The qualifies rounds were also a mere entertainment to watch with dramatic finishes to all games. APJ Abdul Kalam University sat on top in the first place while MIT secured second place in this tournament. SRM AP University and PSG college of Engineering secured third and fourth place respectively. The prize pool of Rs 50,000/- was split among these top four teams. These games lifted the spirits of the new teams and also helped us encounter fresh talent in the Esports circuit. The Indian market is churning out fresh talent and this sport is on its way upwards to steal the limelight in the sports industry in a few years from now. However, we are not done here, The Southern Division BGMI tournament kicks off soon and if you missed an opportunity then it’s time to seize your moment. Stay tuned for further updates and until then keep gaming!


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