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University National Esports Championship 2022

Not more than a few years ago could one imagine that esports will receive the identity and

push to be recognized as a sport in the Olympics. This imagination and dream has slowly

turned into reality. The 11billion dollar industry is growing every minute and is on the verge

of accomplishing new milestones in the Indian gaming circuit.

Mobile Global eSports Inc. (MOGO Inc) one of the premier and dynamic esports companies

conducted the largest National University Esports Tournament between 4th-6th April’22 at

Lovely Professional University. Glamour, fireworks and high-tech gaming were the flavours

put together in this event.

The mammoth spectacle began on the 4th of April with 24 teams competing against each

other in Battlegrounds Mobile India and eight teams competing against each other in the

Valorant games. These teams qualified through the divisional tournaments that MOGO

organized before the national event. 400+ teams participated in the divisional tournaments

across the country. MOGO put together a fantastic and eye-catching arena as per

international standards that set the stage ablaze. Massive screens, LED displays, live casting

and live broadcast were all elements of this extraordinary masterpiece. The event was

attended by 2000+ students in the arena to witness the ecstasy and action that the event

carries. Live viewers could also tune in on the MOGOESPORTS YouTube handle sitting at

home from the comfort of their seats. Three days of illuminated gaming trance culminated

on the final day 6th April’22 along with the closing ceremony. A prize pool of Rs.6 Lakhs in

the National Tournaments and 4 Lakhs in the divisional tournaments were allotted for the

teams. Mumbai reigned their dominance as Mumbai Shark teams clinched first place in

BGMI & Valorant games. Team Islamic University secured second place in BGMI while St.

Wilfred University sealed third place. Team Bennett University walked home with the

silverware and Mumbai Red secured the third place for Valorant. The winning team bagged

Rs.1.50 Lakh while the second-placed teams took home Rs.80,000 in both categories. Third-

placed winners in both BGMI & Valorant were also awarded Rs.50,000 each. Trophies,

Medals and Prize money were all the accolades that the teams took home.

What made this event a grand success is the efforts and collaboration of the student

organization that worked with MOGO throughout these 3 days. This is one of the first large

scale and national events where MOGO let students get involved in the execution process of

a national esports championship. Mr. Sunny Bhandarkar CEO of MOGO India said, “We

keenly look forward to the near future where we have planned to build and develop brand

new esports arenas and facilities with our partner universities & truly take esports to new

heights.” “MOGO will give a chance to top 5 players in this championship to train and play

professionally under MOGO in the US and will receive a contract of Rs 10 Lakh” added Mr.

Pranav Prabhu Head of Operations MOGO India.

Lovely Professional University the venue partners in collaboration with MOGO made sure all

teams were accommodated well and made their stay in this tournament a memorable one.

MOGO has worked as a bridge between esports and un-recognized university esports teams

across the gaming circuit. University teams haven’t received the recognition they desire on

the big platform and MOGO makes sure this is being catered to. MOGO looks like a

promising and uprising esports platform that caters specifically to the University students of



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