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The Western Champion has been crowned!!

A series of championships week after week and the same level of energy and excitement in every game. The Western Division Championship brought to light another three days of talented teams and a beautiful esports experience for all players and their fans. With a gamut of Valorants to choose from, each team skillfully planned their characters and made sure they put out their best foot forward.

The Western Division had teams participating from various states like Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Daman & Diu. The Prize Pool was set at Rs 50,000 for the top four teams. The structure of the tournament began with teams playing the qualifiers followed by quarter-finals, semi-finals and finally the Finals. A twist in the tale arose when it things turned into a Mumbai Party. The Mumbai sharks & Mumbai JC teams were in majority to beat the other teams and universities and enter the qualifiers of this tournament. Mumbai Sharks 3 went all the way in and were declared as champions of this tournament. Fans made sure they joined-in by supporting their teams through the live-stream on the Elite Sports India YouTube Handle. The Semi-finals were all close calls as the Mumbai tadka was seen in all these games. We observed that tactical planning and presence of mind was a twist in the tale for most teams. Mumbai Sharks 3 however were excellent in their approach and made the game look like a cakewalk in this tournament. Every team put in their best and their game do the rest.


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