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Updated: Oct 26, 2021

The wait Is over, Battlegrounds

Mobile India is here!

After a long wait and much speculation, BGMI has finally made it to the gamers across India.

However, IOS users are still due to be able to download this game (unavailable for IOS at the

time this blog was written). The makers have also announced their first-ever e-sports event

in India and the gaming community is just getting started. The hype over PUBG and

Battlegrounds India is real. The trailer of this event gives us an insight of what the future of

BGMI events will look like. This game has already crossed over 1 crore downloads on the

play store which is a clear indicator, that there is going to be a massive craze around these


Who gets to play at the BGMI esports event?

The Battlegrounds Mobile India Launch party tournament will feature notable eSports

players from across the country, who will be led by 18 squad captains. Krafton selected

these captains earlier and they will rage in with their squads in this tournament.

We have also managed to get our hands on a list of the 18 squad captains which are as


1. Dynamo

2. Kronten

3. Mortal

4. Ghatak

5. Shreeman Legend

6. Maxtern

7. Gaming Guru

8. Classified YT

9. Antaryami

10. Alpha Clasher

11. K18

12. Snax

13. Sangwan

14. Godnixon

15. Ronak

16. Jonathan

17. Bandookbaaz

18. Clash Universe

“Next Big Event Lined up for BGMI!!”

What happens to the game data on the PUBG platform? Can it be transferred?

Game developers Krafton announced that game data from PUBG can be transferred and the

company extended the dates for the same. Krafton are themselves providing a safe passage

for all gamers to carry out the process until the given deadline of 9th July’21. This means

players on the BGMI platform can now transfer achievement rank, game progress, emotes,

weapon skins, vehicle skins, tier points and more.

Can BGMI be played on PC or Laptop?

This just gets better, BGMI can also be played on a PC or laptop. This can only be played

through the Bluestacks version 5 platform. Bluestacks announced that the emulator can

now support BGMI gameplay. This makes it convenient for all gamers to navigate between

Mobile and PC. An important thing to note here would be that Krafton is yet to confirm an

official emulator for the game and players should use the emulator at their own discretion.

Use the right resources and play fair during tournaments according to the rules and


Next Big Event Lined up for BGMI

The footfall for these tournaments have always been humungous and teams walk home

with tons of cash prizes. The tournament will have teams across various regions from India

that will stand a chance to participate at the top level and taste what it feels like to be

victorious. For all of you who thought you gotta only watch the “WATCH PARTY”, here’s


Register with MOGO on:

Limited entries only, so get going and assemble your squads for this tournament.


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