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Something exciting is up for grabs!

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Restrictions are slowly being lifted and all our sporting activities are getting back to normal. With this said and done you will soon venture out to cheer for your favorite teams as they take the center of the pitch. You will begin to get into the groove for your physical activities as well. With the advent of these things soon picking up pace, Elite Sports India has released the official merchandise for various teams on its platform and you can be the first one to get your hands on these cool and amazing products. ESI has opened its gates for e-commerce shoppers with a varied range of products like Hoodies, Duffle-bags, Caps, Jackets & lot’s more.

"get spoiled for choice!"

#wearyourcolours is the motto, and it is time for you to pick your favorite merch’s. Elite Sports India takes the ultimate effort to bring you the best in quality products & designs. Top-quality prints, perfectly done stitching, customized sizes and a smooth feel of cloth on your skin is all taken care of. Students across universities have already got their hands on these cool merch’s in the past and the response is overwhelming.

Get your friends and colleagues together, buy your favorite merch and be ready to cheer for your favorite team/university. Look cool, tacky and flaunt your style. Make a statement with these unique merch’s and pledge your support to the best of your ability. Fans are an important part of any game and this is one gesture for you to prove it.

Log on to and get spoilt for choice.!

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