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MOGO – The new home of Esports Mobile Gaming

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Elite Sports India has branched out with a new venture solely focused on the

Esports Mobile Gaming community called MOGO. MOGO carries a new fresh and

youthful vibe for all the young gaming champs. It is a new hub where gamers across

the country can participate in Mobile Esports tournaments.

The Mobile Esports segment has evolved over the years and is now a community

of itself. Mobile Esports games like Call of Duty: Mobile, Battlegrounds Mobile

India, Fifa and lot’s more have a great market share in the esports segment. These

mobile esports tournaments have a large fan following as well as enjoy a handsome

amount of participation with teams across the country. In recent times we have

witnessed how PUBG(Now Battlegrounds Mobile India) picked up and spread

across like wildfire among the masses. The game knows no gender, race, caste and

creed and has become a family within itself. Mogo strives to enhance, rebuild,

revamp and elevate mobile gaming across all platforms in the country.

“Until next time, Keep gaming!!”

What will MOGO offer?

Mogo curates the finest tournaments for all gamers across the country under one

belt, one roof, one stage and garners eyeballs from the masses. A key speciality

about MOGO is that all games are live-streamed on the official Facebook and

YouTube handles. This gives gamers a stage to be seen and recognized by other

teams and top gaming organizations in the country.

The tournaments always have a bumper reward bag to take home and MOGO

shell’s out amazing cash prizes for the winners and top runner up teams. One

important thing to consider here is that teams also get the opportunity to climb up

the ladder and play at the national level with tournaments organized

internationally. This not only helps teams compete with the biggest sides

internationally but also opens gateways for a wider audience worldwide.

This is just the beginning and MOGO has a lot coming your way. The next

Battlegrounds Mobile tournament is scheduled between 16th-18th July’21. If you

have a squad that can turn the tides in battle, then this tournament is the place to be.

Register now and also follow us on our social handles for more details:


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