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A league of our own!

Since the time of its launch in India, MOGO has been making news with groundbreaking initiatives in the field of esports. Tournaments after tournaments have kept the esports family busy and made them even competitive as time has progressed. One such new model is the LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONS 1.0. The LOC is similar to the champions league format in the world of football. MOGO as an entity runs various divisional tournaments and university tournaments throughout the year, teams that secure the top 4 spots in these tournaments automatically qualify for the League of Champions and will then compete with the best in two games – Valorant & BGMI. More than 32 plus teams participate in this colossal tournament and the first edition has been a huge success. There is no other stage where University teams and open tournament teams come together and compete against each other. MOGO is the only entity in India who’s not only bridging the gap but also making sure the esports circle is tight and inclusive for everyone. It’s not only the best who get the chance but the underdogs who defy the odds and make a name for themselves on the big stage.

Big names have been part of this championship and two months of non-stop action has also kept the fans thrilled. The key to live-streaming these games on the MOGO YouTube handle has been the essence of this championship. This helps the fans and teams to follow their favourite matches as well as watch, learn, observe and improve on their own esports games. The kind of start that this league has currently had with the response and fanfare we hope that the next season will get bigger and better by the year. Valorant and BGMI have been on the top of the Indian esports industry. After a decade of the dominance by CSGO valorant has climbed up the charts to prove itself as one of the best and most loved PC games across the globe. BGMI on the other hand has replaced PUBG and dominated the mobile gaming segment that has managed to garner support love from the players in the Indian Esports Industry. Change is inevitable and MOGO is making sure that Esports changes the dynamics of the gaming industry. The roots in India for MOGO are being watered adequately and the esports tree will begin to bear one of the sweetest fruits in the near future.


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