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A sneak peek into the fresh new season and a few key takeaways.

A new season always brings in lots of excitement, thrill and anticipation on what

new aspects would be explored or released. Call of Duty Mobile this time has

dropped us deep into the ocean to embark on a new and adventurous journey

with a new theme. The new season launched recently has got a new look to the

game and a new battle pass – Call of Duty Mobile: In Deep Water. New

challenges, a new story line and few more modifications. Activision invites all

gamers, communities, fans and teams to gear up for an intense and electrifying

experience into the deep dark waters.

"So get your sea gear on and we’ll see you online soon!!!"

A few things we need to know:

Apart from just introducing IN DEEP WATER, a few modifications have also been

done to the weapons. For all the sniper fans, we have learnt that Locus has

been given a buff this season to look heavier and be more productive.

Fans were upset last season when weapons were a bit underrated, but this

season looks a lot more merrier and fancier for the much used sniper geeks.

Locus will now probably be viewed on the screen and it would also be easy to

handle in game play. The game also brings in three new Multiplayer Maps which

is quite interesting. New characters and over 50 battle pass tiers have been

released by the gaming biggies. Different sized game modes including 5v5,

10v10 and gunfight are also available this season. Battle Royale will consist of a

Time Travel class with the feature to jump back in time by a few seconds to gain

an advantage on the battlefield. High resistance flash bangs and concussion

grenades have also been introduced.

Multiplayer Maps:

Suldal Harbor, Docks & Aniyah Incursion have also been added to the game.

Suldal Harbor is said to be a medium-sized map that will cater to new items like

shipping crates, narrow alleyways and close quarter interiors. Docks is a wellplanned

small shipyard map that is said to be located on London’s River Thames.

Vertical play is supported here which gives the players a boost. Aniyah incursion

is a bombed-out place that is surrounded by military supply and housing. This

map allows you to fight in the luxurious palace interior and on the exterior

grounds. A 10v10, ground mission mode and attack of the undead will also be

supported in this map.

Themed Event:

Sea of Steel a themed event lets you choose sides between Ghosts or the

Federation. Wipe out your enemies and seize territory’s, earn rewards for

completing daily tasks. The faction with the most map nodes at the end of the

event wins.

Best weapon recommendations from us?

We won’t let you leave without the icing on the cake so here’s a little bite of our

recommendations for:

• Holger 26

• QQ9


• PP19 Bizon

• DL Q33/Locus

These are only our recommendations and may not suit the style that every

gamer may use. Over and above, make sure you explore these options and add

additional strength to your infantry.

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the e-sports mobile community and you surely don’t want to miss out on these.

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So get your sea gear on and we’ll see you online soon!!!


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